NERAC Mobile Device Application

The NERAC Council is pleased to announce the launch of its new mobile application for smart phones and other handheld devices.  This new initiative is designed to put the critical information you need about NERAC and its resources in your hands when you need it most.  The application consists of two separate “plans”, both of which can be downloaded for free by all NERAC stakeholders.

The first of these applications, the “About NERAC” plan, contains general information about the NERAC region, the Council, the Council’s projects and initiatives, and important contact information.  This plan should be downloaded by anyone who has an interest in the Council’s activities or a desire to become involved in the Council’s activities.  The second application, titled “NERAC Regional Resources”, contains specific information on all of the NERAC funded equipment that is available to communities in the region, including quantities, model numbers, capabilities, and contact numbers for access.  This application is designed for use by anyone who may be in a position to make a resource request on behalf of their municipality or organization.

Please login to access the instruction sheet at the link below and download the application.  The two links pasted below may be used from compatible devices to find the application in the iTunes App or Google Play store in lieu of step #1 on the instructions.  Once downloaded, information that is updated or added to the application will be automatically pushed to your phone so that you are always viewing the most current information available. The application is compatible with Android and iOS devices only at this time.  Download to windows based phones will be available later this year.

Link: Android Users

Link: Apple Users


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