Cache Equipment

The equipment below can be found at NERAC’s three Regional Cache Sites in Beverly, Framingham, and Lexington. All NERAC municipalities and other entities who have signed the Cache User Subscription Form are eligible to borrow equipment from these sites to respond to emergencies or other temporary situations. 

To borrow cached equipment, please contact the cache site located nearest to you:

Radio Usage Guides for the cache sites:

Please use the links below to view more detailed information about individual pieces of equipment.

Other Equipment

The equipment below can be found at various locations throughout the NERAC region outside of the three Regional Cache Sites. Please view the PDF’s below for more information about the individual types of equipment and the approved access/borrowing protocols.

Fit Testing Machines

NERAC has purchased 3 quantitative fit testing machines for regional use. The machines will be available to all NERAC stakeholders for the fit testing of all types of respirators, including SCBAs and disposable N95 masks. Please ensure that someone from your department attends one of the trainings below to learn how to operate these machines.

Equipment Policies

Below is information on the polices related to access and use of equipment and NERAC’s Regional Cache Sites. These policies do not apply to “Other Equipment” stored at locations other than Beverly, Lexington, and Framingham.