NERAC Committees

At the beginning of each grant cycle, the full NERAC Council develops its project budget according to EOPSS’s guidelines.  After the budget has been approved through a vote of the full Council, Committees have decision-making authority regarding projects, issues, and budgets that clearly fall within their purview. 

All NERAC Committee meetings will be held virtually until further notice. For more information on each of NERAC Committees, please see below:

This committee shall be responsible for the development and implementation of initiatives to improve the Northeast Region’s overall capability to respond to CBRNE incidents. NERAC recognizes that effective preparation depends upon adequately equipped and properly trained first responders who have the capability to identify, risk assess, mitigate, and decontaminate in a hazmat material response scenario.

This committee shall be responsible for the development and implementation of a regional communications interoperability plan adopted, approved, and to the extent possible and necessary, funded by the Council. The committee shall be responsible for the procurement of interoperable communications resources and the establishment of user protocols and procedures. This committee also facilitates the removal of non-technical barriers by providing a forum for the discussion of a wide range of communications interoperability issues across disciplines and geographical boundaries.

This committee shall also be responsible for working toward the enhancement of regional intelligence sharing capabilities through the establishment of a regional intelligence sharing node or nodes. The committee shall also be the primary committee responsible for coordinating intelligence and information sharing issues with the Commonwealth.

The Interoperability Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 9:30 AM at the North Shore Regional 911 Center (18 Manning Avenue, Middleton).

This committee shall be responsible for overseeing the cache sites which were established to provide the Northeast Region with readily available resources in times of emergencies. The committee will work with the cache site hosts to ensure that equipment is accessible and available to communities in the Northeast Region. The committee shall also be responsible for deciding which equipment should be procured to which cache site and will oversee the storage, maintenance, and management of cached equipment.

The Regional Cache Committee meets quarterly at a rotating locations.  Please check the NERAC calendar for updates on meeting dates and locations.

This committee shall be responsible for the overall coordination of evacuation, sheltering, and pandemic influenza preparedness in the Northeast Region with a goal of providing resources, supplies, and planning to enhance the overall evacuation and sheltering preparedness in the Northeast Region.

The Sheltering Committee meets virtually on an as-needed basis. Please check the NERAC calendar for updates on meeting dates and locations.

This committee shall be responsible for identifying, planning, and coordinating regional training and exercise opportunities. This shall entail the development of a regional training and exercise strategy that includes the identification of specific courses that will be sponsored by the Council and the establishment of procedures and protocols for reimbursing municipalities in the Northeast Region for allowable costs associated with obtaining such training for personnel. This committee shall also concern itself with certain aspects of regional NIMS compliance.

The Training and Exercise Committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 12:00 PM at the Burlington Town Hall (29 Center Street) in the 2nd floor Main Hearing Room.

If you are interested in joining any of NERAC’s Committee’s, please contact NERAC’s Program Managers, Lauren Sacks at, or Rosemary Volinski at

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