Emergency Vehicle Adequacy Calculator (EVAC)

The Northeast Regional Advisory Council (NERAC) would like to announce to all member communities that an updated version of the Emergency Vehicle Adequacy Calculator (EVAC) Tool is now available online. The EVAC Tool allows emergency managers and first responders to calculate the number of vehicles required to handle various evacuation scenarios, and compare those figures to the resources available in their communities. The calculator is a useful online resource for communities working to develop or evaluate their evacuation plans.

To access the EVAC Tool:

Hover the cursor over the Preparedness Resources >> tab at the top of this page, and select EVAC Calculator Tool from the drop-down menu OR, access the EVAC Tool directly at: https://nerac-evac.herokuapp.com/

To use the EVAC Tool:


  1. The number of people and pets to be evacuated
    The mobility levels of the evacuees
    The distance to the shelter/destination (in hours or miles)
    The target completion time (in hours)

The user can then adjust the following parameters:

  1. Capacities and load times for each type of vehicle
    Road conditions (speed limit, in mph)

When the appropriate information has been entered into each required field, select the “Submit” button on the bottom of the page to generate the final report

The message “Calculation was successfully created” will display, followed by the report.

For a .pdf version of the above instructions, click here.


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