Evacuation Planning Guidance Resource

Click here to access the NERAC Evacuation Planning Guidance resource.

The coordination and execution of a large-scale individual or multiple community evacuation is a multiagency effort involving numerous moving pieces and stakeholders. In an effort to assist local communities to better prepare for large-scale evacuations, the Northeast Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council (NERAC) has developed a list of guiding prompts meant to generate discussion of various issues regarding a hypothetical, simulated large-scale evacuation. This guide can be used by individual communities or multiple communities to increase their capacity to prepare for and conduct a large-scale evacuation, provide mass care sheltering, and facilitate multiagency coordination among the disciplines involved in an evacuation.

The prompts in this guide are not meant to constitute a definitive list of considerations to be addressed. For complete evacuation and sheltering guidance and plans municipalities should review the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Statewide Evacuation Plan linked here and on page 11 of the NERAC Evacuation Planning Guidance document.


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